Getting Started

A little bit about me

I founded 'Hell of a girl' with the intention of using it as a feminist platform to celebrate the work of all the amazing women in my life and beyond. I have spent years trying to figure out what I am supposed to do in life, and the past twelve months alone I have gone from teaching, to academia, to the third sector and now here I am, launching 'Hell of a girl.' I came up with the concept of 'Hell of a girl' when I was lying in bed awake one night during my 10 week voluntary placement in Nepal; I'd spent the day managing a team of 13 people, preparing interview translations and writing case studies and it just clicked, I am a writer. I'm not creative, I'm not clever, I lack direction and proffesionalism, but I am passionate, I'm loud, I'm annoying, I'm a  'Hell of a girl', and I'm here to tell the stories of girls around me.



Cardiff, UK




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