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This page features interviews with women and brands, discussing all things from feminism, social justice, tinder to Instagram.

'Unapologetically You': The Craft Queen Charlotte Peacock

Charlotte Peacock, owner of Twin Made, maker of clothes, owner of business and an all round bad ass babe. I spoke to Charlotte about life online and the running of her workshops on a sunny afternoon spent decorating a denim jacket.


Why its time to ditch mainstream menstrual products, with TOTM

I spoke to TOTM, a Cardiff based brand that specialises in organic sanitary products. We discuss the importance of giving women a choice when it comes to alternative menstrual hygiene care, why its important to them as a brand to offer this as well as their involvement in campaigning against period poverty.


Becoming an Instabrand with Spectrum Collections

I spoke to Sophie, one half of the Girlboss duo that are the owners of Spectrum Collections about what it took to take the plunge, the importance of their brand being vegan and the growth of their business through the use of social media.


How to Help the Homeless with Lauren Cowell

Spending the evening at a local Soup Kitchen, I caught up with Lauren Cowell to discuss the importance of local community organisations and how everyone can help.

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Jodie John and her Titty T-shirts

My good friend Jodie and I, discuss how her business started off as an accident but boomed into something beautiful. I talk to Jodie about how she uses her artwork to help her mental health and her passion for destroying the censorship of a woman's body.

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