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Here you can find the more personal pieces from Hell of a Girl, basically just a space where I can have my own opinion on something in the hope that somebody cares. Everything from current affairs to book reviews, a little insight to 'me'.


Generation 'Insta Poet': Rupi Kaur, Lang Leav and Warsan shire.

Discussing all things good and bad about 'insta poets'. A review of four books collectively. I discuss how the romanticisation of the 'sad girl' is potentially problematic, my dislike for 'selling out for the likes' and the importance of these poets making cultrual issues or war, identity and colonisation accessible.

Dolly Alderton's 'Everything I know about love': Being in your twenties, your sense of self and friendship, a review.

My first book review! (Sort of). Read all about how Dolly's book helped me come to a realisation that my anxieties are completely narcissistic and self absorbed. A wonderful book about friendship and love, how its natural and easy nature is a thoroughly enjoyable read.

Dawn O'Porter's Cows: A very middle-class exploration of motherhood. A Review.

I didn't hate Cows, nor did I want to impulsively read it, and though at first, I thought maybe it was because I couldn't identify with being a mother, but now I believe I couldn't identify with the way these women were so priveleged and so middle-class. Nevertheless, Dawn O'Porter explores and exposes the standards women are upheld to when it comes to their reproductive autonomy. 

Repeal the 8th: The Death of Savita Halappanavar

A story that broke my heart, I write about how Savita Halappanavar's death should never be repeated in the Republic of Ireland and exclaim my admiration and love for those women travelling #HomeToVote.

"Can you write a blog about girls loving themselves please?"

A piece inspired by my best friend Caitlin. I write about the affect that social media has had on my own body image and my past use of photoshop, urging young girls and women to be responsible with their use of social media sites.


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